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European Modelling Symposium: call for papers

12 July 2006

UCL is hosting the European Modelling Symposium on 11 and 12 September 2006, and is calling researchers to submit conference papers.

Computer modelling of scientific phenomena is a crucial component of contemporary research. It is a powerful tool used to simplify and illustrate complicated problems.

Organised by the UK Society for Modelling and Simulation with UCL, this two-day interdisciplinary conference will be on the implications of modelling within the broad spectrum of various scientific disciplines, such as physical sciences, Earth sciences, life science and social sciences.

The workshop is aiming at targeting in particular young researchers, postdoctoral fellows and postgraduates. Some key interests are modelling methodology, tools and techniques of modelling, for example statistical techniques, integrated design and modelling, artificial neural networks, man-machine interaction, philosophical issues, analogies and metaphors, and implementation works.

A two-page version of the conference paper must be submitted by 4 August 2006. Successful papers will be published in the symposium proceedings and selected papers will appear in the 'International Journal of Simulation, Science and Technology'.

Supplementary training is being offered by the UCL Graduate School as part of its Skills Development Programme. Dr Simon Prince (UCL Computer Science) is running a workshop on 'How to Write a Good Scientific Paper' on the 17 July 2006, for the benefit of prospective young scientists.