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UCL Slade students make the biscuit

28 February 2006

When artist Song Dong created a model city made almost entirely of biscuits, 'The Guardian' asked six students from the UCL Slade School of Fine Art to try 'hobnobbing with the masters', and two of them chose to emulate UCL Slade alumni.

Vicki Adams reinterpreted 'Embankment', the current installation in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, by Rachel Whiteread (UCL Slade School 1987).

Vicki told 'The Guardian': "I chose her because I think that biscuits work well in the modular sense that her boxes do. It was reasonably difficult to make; I have more respect for Rachel now. I didn't before, because I thought she just has a thing and runs with it. Pink wafers are the most malleable biscuit type of all the ones we've been given today. I don't know why I used the other kinds; I think now it was a bit of a mistake. It would look much better in sugar cubes. I'm quite happy with what I made, however; I think it's pretty faithful to the original. If I'd had more time I might have done some little biscuit people to go in it."

Jack Killick picked 'Angel of the North' by Antony Gormley (Slade School 1979).

Jack said: "I chose to make this because I felt the struts in the wings looked a bit like bourbons. I'm disappointed I didn't get it to stand up, but I think that might have been quite ambitious as I didn't have any glue. I think it's quite a good representation, though. I don't particularly like the original. I think it's quite ugly. And it's even uglier when it's made out of biscuits. I'm never very happy with anything I do, but I am happy with this - as happy as I could be, given the time. Biscuits are very difficult to use because they crumble and are generally uncooperative. I recently made something out of chocolate; I just put it into a cast, so it was easy. But you can't really compare it with this one. The chocolate sculpture had a concept behind it."