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Press release: New nanotech chair

4 December 2006

Professor Arokia Nathan has become the first holder of the new Sumitomo/Surface Technology Systems (STS) Chair of Nanotechnology at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering.

Professor Arokia Nathan

Professor Nathan will conduct research and teaching to enhance the centre's work in healthcare, information technology and energy/environment. The new position will strengthen the relationship between UCL and STS, a world-leading company in the area of plasma-based etch and deposition technologies for processing semiconductor materials, and is designed to make the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry more effective.

Professor Nathan's career has spanned 27 years involving high-level posts in academic and commercial settings. He has extensive experience in device physics, modelling, materials processing and systems integration, while his present research interests include large area electronics and sensors.

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