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Climate change 'to affect holidays'

26 August 2006

Climate change could lead to the traditional British package holiday to the Mediterranean being consigned to the "scrapheap of history", a report has revealed.

Rising temperatures and higher sea levels might mean holidaymakers going on very different types of break by 2030. …

By 2030, sea levels could rise by 9.8in (25cm) and shorelines could retreat by as much as 1,230ft (375m). Holidaymakers will switch their main holiday from the summer to the winter or spring. …

Extremes such as drought, torrential rainfall and storms could increase.

The report said: "By 2030 the traditional British package holiday to a Mediterranean beach resort may be consigned to the scrapheap of history, replaced by a rise in tourists staying at home or engaging in health, cultural, sports and 'beauty' tourism."

It was produced for Halifax Travel Insurance by Professor Bill McGuire, Director of the Benfield-UCL Hazard Research Centre. …

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