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Hands-on exploration for young geologists

25 April 2006

Taking time from their usual research and teaching, UCL's Geology Collections staff organised a day of family fun on the last day before Easter.

boy and rocks 50 UCL staff and their young children came along on the day to learn about rocks, minerals and fossils, handle samples from the collections and talk to staff and students.

Children also hunted for 'gems' in a trough of sand and water, looked at microfossils under the microscope and made a multitude of dinosaurs out of coloured card.  UCL Geology Collections Curator Wendy Kirk said "Our students really enjoy helping out at such events, and are always amazed at how much the children know already. "

One parent commented: "We all had such an interesting time and the children enjoyed it very much.  We all learned so much, me included.  My boys sorted their finds out at home and then mounted them on card and framed them. They look fantastic and the children can actually remember the names of some of the stones. Much more of a learning experience than twiddling silly knobs and lifting flaps at some other museums."

This event was part of a series of termly events organised by UCL Museums and Collections. If you would like advance notice of events at the museums please send your email address to Ms Celine West, Education and Access Officer for UCL Collections.

The next event will be 'Curious Collections', on 31 May 2006, part of Museums and Galleries Month.

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Image 1: Examining rocks

Image 2: Panning for gems