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Common illness

26 April 2006

Research shows that dementia affects one in five people over 80, and one in three over 90, yet many cases go unrecognised.

A study of 24 care homes in England and Wales found that only a third of residents with dementia had been given a diagnosis, according to Professor Martin Orrell [UCL Mental Health Sciences]. …

"There is a stigma attached to dementia because it damages a person's ability to communicate, but exclusion is part of everyday life whether people have dementia or not," Orrell says. "Dementia is also much more widespread than people realise. What is important is that services should be based on individual needs. At the moment there are many people with dementia who have unmet needs. Extra-care sounds good, but it needs to be tried and tested and we need a range of provision." …

The Guardian (London)