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War crimes appointment

5 September 2005

Judge Shireen Avis Fisher (UCL Laws LLM 2001) has been appointed as an International Judge to the War Crimes Chamber of Bosnia & Herzegovina by the UN/EU High Representative, Paddy Ashdown.

Judge Fisher, who is a UCL Laws PhD candidate and former part-time lecturer, will serve with international and national judges on trial and appellate panels for cases arising out of the hostilities surrounding the break-up of the former Yugoslavia.

The chamber was established in January 2005 to receive cases transferred to Bosnia & Herzegovina from the United Nations (UN) International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague, as part of its UN mandate to conclude the tribunal's work by 2008. The chamber is also empowered to investigate, indict and try on its own initiative, persons accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and economic corruption.

Judge Fisher is an active-retired State Trial Judge from the United States who received her LLM in human rights law in 2001. She is finishing her PhD thesis on domestic judicial interpretation and application of international treaty law.

She sees her appointment as a unique opportunity to combine and use her UCL postgraduate education in international law with her judicial experience. She is particularly looking forward to furthering her understanding about international judicial cooperation and judicial treaty interpretation in the setting of an internationalised court charged with applying law derived from international human rights and humanitarian treaties.