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New public policy journal

7 October 2005

A new student-edited academic journal has been launched by UCL Political Science students.

'International Public Policy Review' was the brainchild of a group of postgraduate students from the department, and is an emerging resource for students, academics and decision-makers in the field of international public policy.

The journal provides an in-depth look into the ideas, actors and mechanisms that shape international policy-making. Student editors, advised by an academic review panel, make all editorial and organisational decisions and carry out day-to-day operations. It publishes articles by students, academics and practitioners and solicits reviews of important books recently published by recognised experts.

Dr Fiona Adamson (UCL Political Science) is the journal's principal academic adviser. She said: "'International Public Policy Review' distinguishes itself from the traditional approaches by emphasising the 'governance' element in world politics and international affairs, and by operating within an interdisciplinary work framework."

The inaugural issue includes articles on secularism, the European Commission as an agenda-setter, and the USA policy on Iran's nuclear ambitions.