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Neutron Star Conference

25 October 2005

Registration is now open for the conference 'Isolated Neutron Stars: From the Interior to the Surface', to be held at the Geological Society Lecture Theatre of the Royal Astronomical Society, from 24--28 April 2006.

The meeting is organised by the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, and sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society and the University of Padova. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 1 December 2005.

One of the main international meetings in the theoretical physics calendar, the conference promises to bring together some of the world's leading researchers in the field neutron star research.

Conference organiser Dr Silvia Zane (MSSL) said: "We do expect an extremely exciting meeting. The science programme covers a number of issues on the properties of isolated neutron stars, soft gamma repeaters and anomalous X-ray pulsars. There is an impressive amount of data obtained in the optical and X-rays over the last couple of years on these sources, which makes this the right time for gathering together observers and theoreticians working in the field. "