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Douglas Johnson memorial lecture

30 November 2005

A memorial seminar hosted by UCL History on 2 December 2005 will remember the life and work of the late Douglas Johnson, who was Professor of History at UCL from 1968 until his retirement in 1990, taking in a period as Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities.

Professor Johnson was a prominent French historian with strong political ideals, influenced in particular by two Frenchman: 20th-century military leader and statesman Charles De Gaulle and 19th-century historian, orator and statesman François Guizot.

The seminar will be opened by Julian Hoppit, Professor of British History and Head of UCL History, followed by a series of other contributions: 'Douglas at the University of Birmingham' (Robert Knecht, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Birmingham); 'Douglas at UCL' (Dr Nicholas Tyacke, UCL History); 'Douglas's literary life' (Karl Miller, Emeritus Professor of English, UCL); 'Douglas and Franco-British relations (Lord Radice and Dr Hilary Footitt, Franco-British Council); and 'Douglas and French history '(Pam Pilbeam, Professor of French History, Royal Holloway). The event will conclude with a drinks reception in UCL's South Cloisters.