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UCL to feature in 'World Universities' series

9 June 2005

UCL is to feature in the major Chinese TV series World Universities, an ongoing project aimed at providing the youth of China with an insight into the teaching, research and life at some of the world's leading institutions.

It is expected that the programme on the world's universities will be broadcast early in 2006. A crew from Chinese national TV (CCTV) has been on the UCL campus over the last week to film some of the main buildings of interest and interview the President and Provost of UCL, Professor Malcolm Grant, about UCL's history and its links with China. Professor David Norse

The CCTV team also interviewed the Pro-Provost for China, Hong Kong and Macao - Professor David Norse - who talked about the UCL's and the UK's first professor of Chinese, Samuel Kidd (appointed in 1836), outlined UCL's strategy for relations with China and described some of the links with China's major universities including the joint UCL/Peking University International Centre for Chinese Heritage & Archaeology.

UCL's medical credentials were outlined by Professor Salvador Moncada, Director of the Wolfson Institute of Biomedical Research, and Professor Xin Lu, Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, which together with similar research groups in UCL's Medical School form the largest concentration of biomedical research in Europe.

The crew went on to film the BA student show at the Slade School of Fine Art and interview its director, Professor John Aiken. Professor Hugh Griffiths gave an account of modern electronics and the impact Ambrose Fleming's inventions have had on communication today. Professor Iain Borden, Director of the Bartlett School of Architecture, and three of his students talked about their work and an important new building project in China.

Professor Norse said: "The film is an important opportunity to raise UCL's profile in China. Although UCL is the only UK university apart from Oxford and Cambridge offering the full range of academic subjects from archaeology to zoology, we are not well known in China. The film will help to correct this situation and highlight some of the world-class research going on at UCL."

To find out more about UCL's links with China use the link below to download the pdf UCL & China.

UCL & China