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Mexican fellowships

24 June 2005

./worton-avila.jpg" width="300" height="225" alt="Professor Michael Worton and Señor Jaime Parada Avila" class="float-right" title="Professor Michael Worton and Señor Jaime Parada Avila">

UCL has signed an agreement with Mexican research funding body CONACYT (The National Council for Science and Technology) to create a Graduate Fellowship Programme. Under the terms of the agreement, which was signed on 1 June 2005, UCL and CONACYT will jointly support Mexican PhD students studying at UCL.

The agreement marks the first stage in what CONACYT Director General Señor Jaime Parada Avila hopes will be an ongoing programme: "We have just signed a very important agreement which will help take CONACYT's relationship with UCL to the next level - that is, to establish key strategic partnerships to promote exchange in research and development projects. We hope to associate UCL with the most capable research institutes in Mexico and want to expand the numbers of Mexican students studying at UCL."

Señor Parada together with other key members of CONACYT and His Excellency Juan Jose Bremer, the Mexican Ambassador to the United Kingdom, toured UCL after signing the agreement. As part of their visit, the delegation met two Mexican PhD students who are funded by CONACYT. Ms Emma Aguila, who is in the final year of her PhD in microeconometrics and the economics of ageing said: "The agreement is a real step forward. It was initially quite hard for me to get sponsorship from CONACYT to study at UCL, but this new agreement should really open things out."

On a visit to UCL in December 2004, the Mexican Ambassador signalled his commitment to furthering Mexico's links with UCL. He said: "It is very clear to me that one of the most important dimensions of my work is fostering intellectual and cultural exchange. I look forward to being in contact with UCL in the future."

UCL's Vice-Provost (Academic and International), Professor Michael Worton welcomed the Ambassador's continued commitment to UCL and is looking forward to further developing UCL's relationship with CONACYT: "The scholarships are the first step. In the future, we'll be looking at a number of collaborative programmes in areas such as healthcare and biotechnology, as well as subjects in the cultural arena."

Image: Professor Michael Worton and Señor Jaime Parada Avila sign the agreement.

To find out more about CONACYT use the link below.