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UCL students kick off

25 July 2005

Two students are on their way to Lille this weekend to represent UCL at the World University Savate Championships.

Ms Rachel Shore (Biology 2) and Mr Dom Tsui (English 2) are Savate - also known as French kickboxing - enthusiasts and will be competing against the best students from all over the world. Savate is a fast-paced combat sport with English boxing rules and French kicks. Both students are experienced competitors, and Ms Shore came an impressive second against tough competition in the European Savate Championships in 2003.

Ms Shore said: "I've been training for around five years, and Dom only started training earlier this year, so this competition is only really a taster for him although I'd say his chances are looking good. The whole team has trained extremely hard for these championships and although we're pretty nervous, we hope to make a large impact. Savate is a great sport that deserves increased publicity and hopefully our success will make it more popular. Although it has the possibility of becoming an Olympic sport it is pretty small in the UK. However, we gain on the French in our accomplishments every year. Many thanks to the university sports board for funding the two of us on our trip as well."