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UCL President and Provost's statement on terrorist activity in London

11 July 2005

There is to be a national observance of a two-minute silence at noon on Thursday, 14 July.

I invite all members of the UCL community to join me in observing the silence in the Main Quadrangle at UCL. Please try to arrive by 11.55am.

It has been an exceptionally difficult time for everyone at UCL. Our thoughts are with all those who have been the casualties of this outrage and their friends and families.

I want to pay special tribute to many members of the UCL community. To those who responded immediately on the scene with first aid and caring for victims of the bomb blasts; to those who worked tirelessly in maintaining services across the campus, liaising with the emergency services (whose performance was exceptional); to those who provided overnight accommodation for staff and students unable to return home, and to everyone who has simply carried on as normal, refusing to be disturbed by the acts of terrorist violence.

Many have faced long and difficult journeys to and from work, but there is a powerful sense of purpose amongst us all to carry on as normal. That commitment, indeed, is the spirit of London and it is particularly and impressively apparent at UCL. I am very proud of the special quality of this institution.

Indeed, things are now largely back to normal on the Bloomsbury campus. Access is now permitted by the Police to Bentham House, the Faculty of Laws, to colleagues showing a UCL ID card. The School of Public Policy and the Day Nursery's Baby Unit in Endsleigh Gardens are still within the Police cordon and will remain closed until further notice. Arrangements have been made for interim alternative working accommodation for colleagues in the School of Public Policy. We will provide updated information as and when it comes to hand.

We have been flooded with messages of concern and support from around the world, for which we are extremely grateful. Please be assured that we are in good shape. We know that, given the location of the explosions, we have been fortunate not to have suffered much greater damage. We are deeply shocked by this tragedy, but our response to it is to get on with restoring normality and performing our daily tasks. Please assume that all activities at UCL--classes, conferences, seminars, meetings and everything else--will take place as normal unless otherwise notified.

Professor Malcolm Grant

President and Provost