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Secure in the knowledge

22 February 2005

UCL's Department of Computer Science has launched a new MSc and diploma in Information Security, led by some of the world's most authoritative figures on the subject.

Professor Ingemar Cox The programme will mainly be based at UCL's Adastral Park postgraduate campus, a state-of-the-art facility for the study of communications technology.

Today's information technology practitioners need a thorough knowledge of information security, and these courses are designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the subject. The programmes also answer a skills shortage in the marketplace for IT professionals trained in this field.

Information security is concerned with securing information during storage, transmission and dissemination. Data needs to be protected from threats such as computer viruses and spyware that undermine privacy, authenticity and copyright. Protection techniques rely on cryptography, secure operating systems and digital watermarks.

Course Director and expert in digital rights management Professor Ingemar Cox said: "Information security is a critical problem in the future development of networking, telecommunications and related information technology. For government, information security concerns at the heart of the NHS IT initiative and the Home Office's proposal for introducing identity cards. For business, information security is needed for secure financial processing, e-commerce, and, in the form of digital rights management, for the successful distribution of music and video content over the Internet and telephone networks. For citizens, it manifests itself in concerns over identity theft and privacy. The UK is an information society and investment in information security is critical, as it is a dynamic research area in which new threats regularly appear and new operating scenarios are proposed; threats, counter measures and counter-counter measures continue to evolve."

To find out more about the course use the link below.

Link: MSc Information Security