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The Origin of Loneliness

21 February 2005

Professor John Martin, Director of UCL's Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine has published a book of short stories and poems.

More commonly known as Co-founder and Director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine and founder of Arc Therapeutics, the book is his first self-published work.

The Origin of Loneliness is a collection of short stories and poems, written intermittently over a five-year period. Professor Martin said: "A lot of the poems were written while travelling all over the world, often on the back of envelopes and scraps of paper. I believe poetry is the soul of life and the book explores some thoughts on war, philosophy, love, travel and death."

Brendan Kennelly, poet and Professor of Modern Literature at Trinity College Dublin said: "The poems are often very beautiful. Brief and concise, clear yet mysterious, they fly into a reader's head and heart. The essays are a blend of Hazlitt and Chekhov and they are wonderfully, sharply perceptive, cool and sensual, concise and echoing, playful and wise."

The Origin of Loneliness is published by Professor Martin and is currently sold at Waterstone's, Gower Street and Daunts Bookshop, Marylebone High Street, London. To find out more about Professor John Martin use the link below.

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