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New Professorial Chair in Nanotechnology

18 February 2005

The London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN), a joint venture between UCL and Imperial College London, and UCL's Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering have welcomed the creation of a new professorial chair.

The chair has been created with support from Surface Technology Systems plc (STS), one of the UK's leading semiconductor and plasma processing technology companies, along with its major shareholder, Sumitomo Precision Products Co Ltd (SPP) of Japan.

The new professor will cement the relationship between the organisations and pursue research in a number of important areas, particularly geared to producing new nanotechnology devices for a range of important applications, such as quantum information processors, novel memory chips and biomedical products.

LCN harnesses the expertise of eight departments, including Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Material Sciences and Earth Sciences in a unique model. The organisation is structured to focus on developing its world-class research in the areas of healthcare, information technology and the environment into the commercial arena.

STS is a market leader in silicon etching within the growing micro-electro mechanical systems market. They also design and manufacture a range of highly specialised machines incorporating innovative technology used in the production of semiconductors and semiconductor related devices, serving a range of applications outside this 'mainstream' memory chip market in several emerging sectors within the telecommunications, information technology and new micro electromechanical systems industries.

UCL's Dr Abid Khan, Deputy Director of LCN said: "This endowment represents an important Japanese investment in the UK. All of the participating organisations look forward to a long and productive relationship which aims to produce real economic and social impact through the creation of new healthcare, IT and environmental products."

Dr Khan will shortly be representing UCL and the LCN at Japan's largest Nanotechnology conference, and will meet local dignitaries in order to strengthen UCL's already firm ties with the nation. UCL's Provost and President, Professor Malcolm Grant, has also recently returned from the region where he furthered relations with some of the country's top universities. To find out more about the centre or STS use the links below.


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