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Natural Sciences at UCL

11 August 2005

The UCL Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences and UCL Faculty of Life Sciences have joined together to launch two new interdepartmental degree programmes.

earthandmolecule The three-year BSc and four-year MSci course in Natural Science will enable students to combine a breadth of science subjects into a coherent and structured degree course.

Students will be able to choose from core modules in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Computer Science, Statistics, Medical Physics, Biology, Science & Technology Studies, Languages and Management Studies.

Dr Daren Caruana (UCL Department of Chemistry) is Programme Director of Natural Sciences, and will work together with Admissions Tutor, Ruth Siddall (UCL Earth Sciences) and Academic Tutor, Raman Prinja (Physics & Astronomy) to administer the course. He explained: "Traditional subject boundaries are breaking down and, increasingly, scientific research has a multidisciplinary focus. Tomorrow's scientists will need to incorporate many different scientific disciplines and perspectives into their work. The Natural Sciences will give prepare students for this new, fluid way of working."

Due to launch in autumn 2005, Natural Sciences will have an intake of around 20 students in the first year, and numbers are expected to quickly expand.

Dr Caruana said: "There has been a great deal of support for the new programme throughout UCL, and Natural Sciences will strengthen existing links between science departments for staff and students alike."

Image 1: Earth and Molecule, Thomas C Lewis UCL Centre of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry and NASA image library