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LINX funds internet project

22 August 2005

LINX (the London Internet Exchange) is to fund a research and development project at UCL.

The project aims to improve the monitoring of internet traffic - leading to possible improvements in internet traffic management and, in turn, more reliable connections for internet users.

The three-year project is being jointly funded by LINX and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, via its Dorothy Hodgkins Postgraduate Scholarship Awards scheme.

It will be undertaken by researchers Kumardev Chatterjee and Dr Saleem Bhatti [UCL Computer Science] and will lead to development of improved real-time, distributed and secure traffic monitoring tools for internet exchange points (IXPs) and internet service providers (ISPs). Better monitoring will identify occurring or potential problems earlier than present systems, allowing network operators to take action to correct or prevent them.

Better monitoring systems could be used to enable systems which help with the early detection of distributed denial-of-services (DDoS) attacks, manage the large-scale effects of interaction between inter-domain and intra-domain routing, and improve congestion control and traffic engineering across the internet as a whole.

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