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UCL academic to lead WHO Commission

15 April 2005

Head of UCL's Department of Epidemiology, Professor Sir Michael Marmot, will chair the new World Health Organisation Commission on Social Determinants of Health, launched on 18 March 2005.

Professor Sir Michael Marmot

The three-year commission will tackle social inequalities in health and health care by compiling evidence on the key factors behind the disparities and then address policies and interventions on a regional, national and global scale.

In an article in the Lancet, Professor Marmot writes: "In order to reduce inequalities in health across the world, there is a need for a third major thrust that is complementary to development of health systems and relief of poverty: to take action on the social determinants of health. Such action will include relief of poverty but it will have a broader aim of improving the circumstances in which people live and work."

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Professor Sir Michael Marmot
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