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Marathon effort

25 April 2005

Sir Digby Jones (Laws 1977; Fellow 2004), President of the Campaign for UCL, raised £165,000 for UNICEF and Cancer Research UK by running the 2005 London Marathon.

Sir Digby completed the run nonstop in five hours and 58 minutes. 

Writing in the Independent on Sunday Sir Digby said that his doctor had warned him to lose weight: "I needed a target, a real challenge, something to aim for and be proud of...a reason to diet that was greater than just losing weight. I had not run more than three miles since I was at school and so a marathon was the obvious choice...It also gave the opportunity to raise money for a couple of charities as a collateral benefit to my selfish health improvement motive."

Since starting running in September 2004, Sir Digby has lost almost three stone. And at the marathon he exceeded his sponsorship target of £125,000.

Many other members of the UCL community run the London Marathon every year for various good causes. Among this year's runners was Kate Mison (Geography 3) who completed the run in five hours and 34 minutes and raised £1,200 for the homeless charity Crisis.

To support Crisis, Cancer Research UK or UNICEF through a donation use the links below.



Cancer Research UK