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Marie Curie fellow

4 October 2004

A Marie Curie Fellow at UCL's Department of History has been awarded a prestigious doctorate.

Dr Matthew Brown Dr Matthew Brown is the first of the Department of History's seven Marie Curie Fellows to have obtained a European doctorate diploma. The prestigious programme, 'Social History of Europe and the Mediterranean', provides doctoral students in history and related fields access to a training programme offered by a network of six universities in different European countries, of which UCL's Department of History is a designated centre of excellence. 

Dr Axel Körner, Lecturer in Modern European History and coordinator of the programme at UCL, said: "The programme, as well as providing funding for the students while abroad, provides an invaluable means of broadening the participant's methodological and theoretical skills and enables the professional exchange between historians of different fields across the continent."

Dr Axel Körner

Dr Brown said: "The programme has enabled me to come into contact with a network of European scholars and students working on similar subjects in remarkably different ways."

At present, four doctoral students of history at UCL are participating in the programme in Spain, Italy and Germany, while UCL hosts four visiting fellows from the Czech Republic and Italy.

The deadline for applications for next year's programme is 21 November 2004.

For more information on the doctoral programme use the link below.

Link: Marie Curie Fellowships