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ESRC funding for ELSE

7 October 2004

The Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), Britain's leading research funding and training agency for economics and the social sciences, has awarded UCL's Centre for Economic Learning & Social Evolution (ELSE) funding for a further five years.

Professor Mark Armstrong

ELSE is a unique interdisciplinary research centre devoted to the study of human behaviour where the disciplines of economics, psychology and mathematics overlap. "Our primary aim is to foster genuine interdisciplinary work involving economists and psychologists," said Professor Mark Armstrong (Economics), who will be appointed Director of ELSE from 2005. "These two groups consider many of the same questions about human behaviour but often use different approaches. This funding allows ELSE's researchers to learn from each other's methods to tackle issues of economic and social significance. This funding was awarded because of the excellent track record of the departments involved."

Experiments are an integral part of research at ELSE, and much of the research is conducted within the conceptual framework of game theory, which is used commonly in many disciplines. Recent research includes 'Engineering Trust', a collaborative experiment led by Professor Steffen Huck, which studied the effectiveness of feedback mechanisms, used by the popular internet site, eBay to minimise fraud.

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