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Professor Ian Jacobs moves to UCL and UCLH

23 March 2004

UCLH and UCL today announced the recruitment of Professor Ian Jacobs and his 50-strong research team from the Barts and The London NHS Trust.

Professor Jacobs is recognised as the UK 's leading academic gynaecological oncologist . He will continue to lead his research team, which has over £25m of grant funding from the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK and NHS R+D, from UCL and UCLH. These studies include the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening involving 200,000 women nationwide, as well as laboratory studies of the genetic basis of gynaecological cancers. Professor Jacobs ' clinical activities and expertise include the surgical management of gynaecological cancer, management of familial cancer and screening for ovarian and cervical cancer.

In addition to this, he will head up a new Department of Gynaecological Oncology at UCL, dedicated to the screening, prevention and treatment of ovarian cancers and other malignancies which occur in women.

His move to UCLH / UCL will also create an Institute of Women 's Health, with the aim of becoming the leading European centre of excellence for women's health. As well as pioneering research into medical conditions, it will also support the Trust's aim to deliver world class cancer services and enhance clinical care for the local community.

Robert Naylor, chief executive at UCLH NHS Trust, said: "I am delighted that the country's leading gynaecological consultant is joining the Trust. By transferring his clinical activity and research group Professor Jacobs acknowledges the clinical, academic and infrastructure developments, including the new hospital and the ambulatory cancer centre, that the Trust and University have made in recent years.

"The development of world class cancer services, and associated teaching, research and development, are core to the UCLH vision for the future. The Elizabeth Garret Anderson and Obstetric Hospital lead a fine tradition of services for women at UCLH. The Institute of Women 's Health will help develop further, world class services for women."

Professor Ian Jacobs said: "I am attracted by the talent and expertise in the obstetric and gynaecological team at UCLH, the new hospital due to open early in 2005 and the superb academic opportunities available in the environment at UCL. The establishment of an Institute of Women 's Health as a joint venture by UCL and UCLH provides a unique opportunity to develop an international centre of excellence for clinical care, research and training in women's health."

Professor Leon Fine, Dean of Clinical Sciences, said: "This is an exciting development for UCL. Until now, academia and clinical services have not focused enough on the specificities of women's healthcare. The appointment of Professor Jacobs to UCL will enable a completely new initiative in this area. Its strengths will lie in the ability of the Institute to draw on the intellectual resources of a multi-faculty University and NHS Trust, so as to integrate health promotion and disease prevention and management. We expect that the Institute will be viewed as being one of the leading organisations of its kind worldwide."