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21 June 2004

A consortium made up of UCL, the Institute of Education, Birkbeck College and the Science Museum has been chosen by the Department for Education and Skills to develop Science Learning Centre London.

Science Learning Centres

The centre, which will open on 1 October 2004, is one of nine regional centres created by the government to inspire science teachers and keep them informed of the latest developments in their fields.

The centre's Chief Executive, Professor Michael Reiss from the Institute of Education, said: "Each of the four partners in the consortium has its own distinct contribution to make. UCL's biggest strength is its people: it has hundreds of outstanding scientists with a mass of knowledge and technical expertise in a great variety of topics, and a long history of enthusiastic and innovative science teaching."

Science Learning Centre London will run courses containing lectures, seminars, workshops and practical activities for teachers and technicians, and develop links between specialist laboratories and individual schools. The centre recognises the huge diversity of London's many schools and hopes to engage every school student in stimulating science education, enabling them to understand the impact science has on their lives whether they pursue their formal education in science beyond school or not.

Science Learning Centre London is keen to work with UCL scientists, contact the centre's director Angela Hall or Professor Steve Jones, UCL's representative, for more information.

To find out more about Science Learning Centre London, use the link below.

Link: Science Learning Centre London