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Xenotransplantation lecture to be held

21 April 2004

Members of the UCL community are invited to attend the 2004 Rickman Godlee Lecture.

Professor Sheila McLean, Director of the University of Glasgow's Institute of Law & Ethics in Medicine, will speak on 'Xenotransplantation - A Pig in a Poke?'

Previewing the topic of her speech, Professor McLean said: "The Holy Grail of xenotransplantation is the development of solid organs for transplantation. The difference between the demand for and the supply of human organs for transplantation coincides with increased success rates in transplantation. Tragically, many saveable lives are lost every year."

She continued: "In a search for ways of reducing the shortfall, considerable interest has focused on the scientific possibilities of animal to human transplants. However, there are serious ethical and legal concerns about xenotransplantation which merit consideration, before it can reasonably be concluded that we can proceed to clinical trials. Concerns about consent, confidentiality, surveillance and national and global liability are but some of these potential problems which will be considered."

The lecture is at 5.30pm on 4 May 2004 in the Darwin Lecture Theatre. Admission is free; no ticket is required.