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Dr Simon Li awarded UCL Gold Medal

13 April 2004

On his current tour of East Asia, UCL's Provost & President, Professor Malcolm Grant, paid tribute to philanthropist Dr Simon Li (Laws 1950).

Dr Li being presented with the UCL Gold Medal by the Provost & President, Professor Malcolm Grant

On 27 March 2004 Professor Grant presented Dr Li with a UCL Gold Medal in recognition of his support for the university.

Dr Li, who was made a Fellow of UCL in 1991, has established three scholarship programmes at UCL: the Simon Li UCL/China Research Scholarship for the advancement of research cooperation between China and UCL, the Simon Li China Scholarship for a LLM student from the People's Republic of China, and the Simon Li/UCL Scholarship, in memory of his father, Mr Li Koon Chun.

Before retiring from his position as Vice-President of the Court of Appeal in 1987, Dr Li played a significant role in the smooth reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty. He is equally active in community service and has contributed significantly to the development of Hong Kong.

Image: Dr Li being presented with the UCL Gold Medal by the President & Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant