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UCL E-Challenge 'Idea Stage' winner announced

25 March 2003

UCL spin-out company NeoTech has won the first stage of the 2002/2003 UCL Entrepreneur's Challenge.

Led by Dr Stephen Goldring (Paediatrics & Child Health), the team won £1,000 for their design, a foetal heart-rate monitor for use in developing countries.

Dr Goldring came up with the idea after visiting medical facilities in Zambia and decided that there was a niche for a robust, simple and low-cost monitor for use by medics in countries with limited resources.

Neotech was formed by Dr Goldring in conjunction with students Andrew Ellam (London Business School) and Amra Topcagic (Economics 3). They hope to develop the product through partnership with charitable bodies who are committed to reducing birth asphyxia.

The organisers were surprised by the wide variety of ideas that students and staff wanted to pursue. Tim Barnes, co-ordinator of UCL E-Challenge said: "The variety was fantastic. What impressed the judges, though, was the high quality across the board, particularly in the presentations."

The second stage of the UCL E-Challenge is now underway, where teams are invited to submit detailed business plans. Open to all members of London Business School and UCL, entries are still being accepted, and a number of related workshops and events are taking place. The grand final will be held on the 25 March at UCL.