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UCL's new vision for information support

18 December 2003

UCL staff involved with programme or student administration across campus - as well as students themselves - will be benefiting from a new suite of software that will improve the management of a host of organisational issues and tasks.

Strategic Information Technology Services (SITS) Ltd - a specialist in the field of student and course management systems for higher education institutions - has been awarded a five-year contract by UCL's Student Information System Programme Board to install their 'SITS: Vision' and 'e-Vision' suite of software at UCL. Mr Robert Churm, Project Services Manager in UCL's Management systems Division, said: "UCL required a replacement system which took into account the needs of our current users, the evolving needs of the university and a changing external environment. It was also a pre-requisite that the new system integrated and interfaced with other UCL systems. SITS was by far the best candidate for the provision of a system which met our criteria."

The 'SITS: Vision' suite is made up of a number of component parts, including timetabling, examinations and assessment, award ceremony management, absence and attendance recording, student registration and enrolment, fee processing, course management and design, and academic review for course design and quality assessment. The suite will be specifically designed to respond to UCL's needs, and is compatible with existing systems that will not be replaced.

'E-Vision' complements the 'SITS: Vision' suite through the delivery of information and secure processing across the internet. Current students and staff will have access to a range of functions through the UCL website. Current students will be able to view and maintain their personal details, update and print their CV, view their results, and register or enrol online where appropriate. UCL staff will also have access to the same tools as students, plus some additional features intended to aid the management of courses and modules. Staff could have access to the whole 'e-Vision' database, and be able to view information about their students, such as examination results.

Mr Churm added: "The 'e-Vision' and 'SITS: Vision' tools will offer a highly flexible and user friendly interface that will modernise UCL's information services. I'm sure that UCL staff and students will find the software a great improvement to the current systems."

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