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Research staff and students welcome 'E-Log'

17 December 2003

An online version of the UCL Graduate School's 'Research Student Log' is being piloted in 23 volunteering departments.

The log - initially developed in printed form in 2001 - records research students' completion of key stages in graduate study, including supervisory meetings, the development of key skills and self-evaluation and encourages students to create a research, teaching and learning portfolio.

Professor Leslie Aiello, Head of the UCL Graduate School, said: "The log helps to ensure that graduate students are able to make the most of UCL's research-led environment, with students learning from academics at the cutting edge of their specialist fields."

An initiative by Professor Stephan Strobel, Vice-Head (Biomedicine) of the UCL Graduate School, the log has proved to be such an asset that the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) supported in its development by awarding funding to implement an electronic version. Professor Strobel said: "It is hoped that, in due course, versions for MRes, MD and MS degrees will be developed as well as, for example, a version for two-year research degrees. The inherent flexibility of the log makes it possible to tailor it to include specific departmental requirements."

Universities from as far afield as Australia have indicated an interest in adapting the E-Log for their own purposes, and the Graduate School is in discussions with UCL Business about the possibility of marketing it as a commercial product.

To find out more about the log use the link below.

Link: UCL Graduate School