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Provost backs fee proposals, but on basis of being able to provide adequate bursaries and scholarships

23 December 2003

The leaders of England's top higher education institutions have said that the government's proposals for student fees - which will become repayable only after graduation - are right in principle.

They also expressed their commitment "to ensuring access to higher education for any students capable of benefiting from it, regardless of their financial means", while cautioning that this principle was at risk without sufficient funding to allow universities to offer adequate bursaries and scholarships.

The views came on 24 November 2003, in a letter to the Times from Professor Malcolm Grant, President & Provost of UCL, and the heads of the London School of Economics, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Details of the government's plan to allow universities to increase fees from 2006 were outlined in the Queen's Speech in November 2003.

To read the full text of the letter use the link below.

Link: Full text of letter