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Home is where the journal is

4 December 2003

A new interdisciplinary journal, Home Cultures, invites submissions.

Edited by Dr Victor Buchli (Anthropology), with colleagues from the universities of Vienna and Virginia, the journal examines the study of the home.

Dr Buchli said: "More than ever before, the home, whether as a concept or a physical place, represents a key arena for the production of personhood and social relations. The domestic sphere is a highly fluid and contested site of human existence that signifies and produces identities and societal values."

Up until now, there has been little interdisciplinary collaboration or discussion on the subject. The journal aims to correct this. The editors invite submissions from design practice, design history, architecture, anthropology, sociology, archaeology, urban planning, contemporary art, geography, psychology, folklore, cultural studies, literary studies and history. The journal's International Advisory Board includes Professor Iain Borden (Bartlett School) and Professor Daniel Miller (Anthropology).

To find out more about the journal use the link below.

Link: Home Cultures