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23 December 2003

The winners of the UCL Graduate School's 2003 'Research Images as Art/Art Images as Research' competition have been announced and are now online.

'Osteoclasts with Alien Hands'

'After the Storm'

The first prize of £250 was awarded to Dr Stephen Nesbitt (Medicine), for his image Osteoclasts with Alien Hands, produced by an electron micrograph. Dr Nesbitt said: "Osteoclasts are bone cells that resorb bone and, in part, regulate the skeleton's mass. The fine finger-like processes that project from the osteoclasts - alien hands - may provide a communication network between the cells in bone."


Five runner-ups received £100 each, representing a diverse range of disciplines. Mr Aaron Hunter (Earth Sciences) presented a photograph of fossilised sea lilies entitled After the Storm. Miss Libby Sheldon (History of Art) impressed the judges with Medieval Mind-Changing? a microscopic cross-section from a 15th century painting. Mr Simon Pericich (Slade School) presented Painting #1.

'Medieval Mind-Changing?'

Mr Alan Todd (Mechanical Engineering) earned his prize with Broken, a photograph of a broken quartz window used for observing fuel sprays in optical engines. Miss Charis Chi Man Tsang (Bartlett School) aimed to bring out the beauty of water droplets in her entry Droplets (iii).

A record 223 entries were submitted this year, all of which can be viewed at the Graduate School's online gallery. 

Images: Top to bottom - Osteoclasts with Alien Hands; After the Storm; Broken; Medieval Mind-Changing?

To find out more about the competition or view the entries use the link below.

Link: Research Images as Art/Art Images as Research competition