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UCL celebrates 100 years of somatosensory neuroscience

16 April 2003

On 25th April 2003 UCL will host a symposium revealing how understanding the dynamic brain can lead to practical treatments for stroke sufferers.

100 years after the neurologist Henry Head cut a nerve in his own arm to investigate the relationship between our sense of touch, the body and the brain, this UCL symposium will review the latest findings and most exciting developments in the neuroscience of bodily sensation.

Scientists at the cutting edge of sensory neuroscience are learning how the brain is constantly changing and how this 'plastic' tendency could be harnessed to help cure the loss of feeling in entire limbs often experienced following a stroke.

Notes to Editors:

The UCL symposium Body, Mind and Brain will take place at the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London on 25th April 2003.