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Congratulations to Nidhi and Halan for new grant to work on anti-microbial resistance!

22 December 2020

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Nidhi Kapil and Halan Mohamed have been awarded a £15k Precision AMR Seed funding on the project: “Gold Nanoparticles Decorated on Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Brushes as Stable Anti-microbial Surfaces”. Nidhi Kapil and Halan Mohamed are both PhD students advised by Prof Marc-Olivier Coppens and are working on nature-inspired engineering of catalysts and membranes, respectively. The new project was developed by synergistically combining ideas at the interface of their respective PhD topics. The project will also aim to create awareness and outreach among the general public about this issue. The design and synthesis of the anti-microbial surfaces will be carried out at the CNIE, and anti-microbial studies will be performed at UCLH in collaboration with Dr Shanom Ali and Prof Peter Wilson.