UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


Bio-inspired membranes for water desalination, purification and bio-separations

Computational studies of water and ion transport through protein channels in cell membranes teach us the fundamental principles behind the combination of remarkably high permeation, selectivity and anti-fouling properties of these biological membranes. For instance, using inspiration from various biological systems such as the cell membrane and the glomerular membrane present in the kidney, we can help improve the anti-fouling properties of membranes. We aim to build artificial nanoporous membranes that implement the fundamental principles that lead to the superior performance of biological membranes.


Current Researchers: Halan Mohamed and Yanan Liu

Past researchers: Jerome Meng, Jianan Li, Niall Kent and Silo Meoto

Collaborators: Luiza Campos, Mohammed Alsubei, UCL Department of Civil Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Key Publications

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