Natural Sciences degrees


Dr Jasvir Bhamrah

Jasvir is the Outreach and Widening Participation Coordinator and the Physics stream leader for Natural Sciences and a lecturer in the department of Physics and Astronomy. Her background is in Physics and the use of functional oxides for organic electronics. Although much of her time is spent within the Department of Physics and Astronomy, a significant proportion is devoted to finding ways to increase the proportion of our Natural Sciences cohort who are from less well-represented backgrounds and providing opportunities for schools and pupils to learn more about Natural Sciences. Jasvir enjoys various activities outside work but too many have resulted in her attending work in a moonboot on and off for years - she cherishes these years which pass without injury!


Jasvir is the module lead on the following modules:

Waves, Optics and Acoustics (PHAS0005)

Practical Physics and Computing 1 (PHAS0007)