Natural Sciences degrees


Dr Ella Metcalfe

Ella is Deputy Director for the Natural Sciences department. She has a background in applied maths, with a bit of experimental and social psychology thrown in for balance. According to her sister, Ella researched “something to do with waves” for her PhD, and she will be happy to tell you more if that sounds interesting. She is originally from a small town in North Yorkshire and was the was first in her family to go to university. After university, Ella moved to live in Shanghai for two years, where she taught foundation-year mathematics before returning to the UK in 2013 to work at UCL. Ella enjoys spending her time on many different pursuits, but she is not very committed to any of them and she wonders how often she needs to do something before she can call it a “hobby”.


Ella is the module lead on the following modules:

Mathematics for Natural Sciences B (NSCI0006)

Topics in Scientific Computing (NSCI0011)

Dynamical Systems (NSCI0034)

and is part of the teaching team on the following modules:

Oscillations, Fluids and Waves (NSCI0018)