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Funerary Cones of the 18th Dynasty (from Thebes)

A 'Who is Who' of the 18th Dynasty
(blue - not well legible; red - clearly legible)

name titles time pictures of cones in the Petrie Museum other reference (TT - Theban Tomb)
Ahmose overseer of the royal harem, 'father-nurse', chamberlain, overseer of cattle Hatshepsut/
Thutmose III
UC 37574 TT 224
Amenemhet attendant of the lord of the Two Lands, high priest of Amun Amenhotep II (?) UC 37551 TT 97
Amenemhet king's scribe, overseer of the treasury   UC 37961  
Amenemipet overseer of the city, vizier Amenhotep II

UC 37681
UC 37683

TT 29 (Helck1958: 297-298)
Amenemipet chief bowman, overseer of hunters   UC 37737  
Amenemipet conductor of festivals of Amun, high steward   UC 37764 TT 41 (?)
Amenhotep overseer of builders of Amun   UC 37642  
Amenhotep steward of Amun, high priest of (queen) Nefertari   UC 37649
UC 37650
Amenhotep nobleman (iry-pat) Amenhotep III UC 38056  
Amennakht king's chief eldest (son)   UC 37567
UC 37568
Bengy steward of Henutempet   UC 37677  
Dedu king's messenger in all foreign lands, overseer of the hill-country on the west of Thebes, chief of the Medjay Thutmose III/Amenhotep II UC 37512
UC 37525
UC 37526
Djehutuemheb scribe of the southern city   UC 37564  
Djehutinefer steward of the god's wife   UC 37643  
Djehuty overseer of the treasury, overseer of works Hatshepsut/
Thutmose III
UC 37678
TT 11
Hepu overseer of the city, vizier Thutmose IV UC 37973 TT 66 (Helck1958: 298, 440)
Ineni overseer of the granaries of Amun, overseer of all sealbearers in the temple of Amun, scribe Amenhotep I/ Thutmose III UC 37848
UC 37850
TT 81
Inheretmose scribe of works of the temple of Amenhotep III (Hwt Nb-mAat-ra) on the west of Thebes Amenhotep III

UC 37824

Intef king's herald Hatshepsut/
Thutmose III
UC 37601
UC 37602
TT 155
Kaemamun fourth priest of Amun   UC 37671  
Khons overseer of the treasury, scribe 18th Dynasty (?) UC 37680  
Menkheperresonb high priest of Amun Thutmose III

UC 37578 - 79 - 80 - 81 - 82 - 83

TT 86
Menkheperresonb king's scribe, overseer of granaries of Upper and Lower Egypt Thutmose III/ Amenhotep II UC 37855 TT 79
Mery overseer of the priests of Upper and Lower Egypt, high priest of Amun, overseer of the fields of Amun, steward of Amun, overseer of the granaries (of Amun), overseer of the treasury Amenhotep II

UC 37790

UC 37791

TT 95
Merymes king's son of Kush Amenhotep III UC 37620 -
UC 37621

UC 37622
TT 383
Min mayor of Thinis, overseer of priests of Onuris, scribe Thutmose III UC 37586 TT 109
Minmontu high priest of Amun 18th - 19th Dynasty UC 37666  
Nerau king's butler   UC 37731  


accountant of grain of Upper and Lower Egypt Thutmose III (?) UC 37856 TT 127
Seshi overseer of ships of Amun   UC 37598
UC 37599
Sidjehuty fourth priest of Amun   UC 37986  
Surer fan-bearer on the right side of the king Amenhotep III UC 37843- 4 - 5 TT 48
Tapaaten scribe of the granary Akhenaten (?) UC 37963 - 64  
Ter scribe, overseer of fields of the king's wife   UC 37760 -61  
Tetiemre mayor of the city early 18th Dynasty UC 37767 (Helck1958: 523)
Userhet overseer of the king's inner palace Amenhotep III UC 37818  



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