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Thutmose III (about 1479-1425 BC)

Important king of the Eighteenth Dynasty, one of the longest-reigning rulers in Egyptian history. He came to the throne while still a young boy, and as a result his aunt Hatshepsut ruled for him. After 21 years of coregency she died, and the king ruled then for more than thirty years alone. He led at least 17 military campaigns to Palestine and Syria, and reached the Euphrates. Many temples in Egypt (and Nubia) were built or rebuilt by the king. The additions to the Amun temple at Karnak are among the best preserved and most important of these, including a hall called 'akh-menu', and several long inscriptions reporting his military campaigns and the donations to the temple following them.

Horus name: Kanakht Khaemwaset
Nebty name: Wahnesyt
Golden Falcon name: Djeserkhau Sekhempehti
Prenomen: Menkheperre
Nomen: Thutmose

Burial place: rock cut tomb in Thebes (Valley of the Kings tomb 34)

Attestations in the Petrie Museum

scarab UC 12034 with the inscription 'Menkheperre, who overthrows Kadesh' (key town in Syria, conquered in his sixth campaign)
UC 12034

foundation deposit at the Seth temple at Nubt (Naqada)

Foundation deposit at Hierakonpolis | posthumous scarabs

Further Attestations:

Building activity in the Amun temple at Karnak:

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