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Thebes, burial of Amenhotep son of Hapu

date: Amenhotep III (about 1350 BC)

Amenhotep is one of the main personalities under Amenhotep III responsible for several important building projects. He had his own mortuary temple at Thebes, separate from the tomb. Especially in the Ptolemaic Period he was worshipped as god.

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UC 38056, funerary cone
funerary cone
UC 14213, fragment of sarcophagus
fragment of his (outer) granite sarcophagus

see a translation of the texts of the sarcophagus fragment

  • Bidoli 1970 (on the position of the tomb in Thebes - at Qurnet Murrai)
  • Peterson 1978 (a further fragment of the sarcophagus)
  • Petrie 1909: pl. XXX.5 (the sarcophagus fragment)
  • Sethe 1957: 1813-1839 (collection of texts - in hieroglyphs, relating to Amenhotep)
  • Robichon/Varille 1936 (the publication of the mortuary temple)
  • Varille 1968 (discussion of his inscribed monuments; funerary cone: 104-105, no. 38: outer sarcophagus: 115-117, pl. XIII)


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