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The viceroy of Kush

The office of the 'viceroy (king's son) of Kush' was installed at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty. The viceroy was head of the administration of Nubia. Through the importance of Nubia (gold mines) he was one of the most important officials of the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC). Most of the viceroys are buried at Thebes.

Viceroys of Kush in the Petrie Museum

UC 15945

shabti of the 'viceroy of Kush' Nehi (found behind the Ramesseum), who was in office under Thutmose III (Habachi 1980: 631)

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UC 37620

funerary cone of the 'viceroy of Kush' Merymes; his time in office covered almost the whole reign of Amenhotep III making him one of the longest serving viceroys.
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UC 14701

granite statue fragment with inscription of the 'viceroy of Kush, overseer of the Southern Lands, fanbearer ...' (name is lost)
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(Page 1976: 119, no. 165)

UC 14226

stela of the 'great one of the musical part of Amun-Re, king of gods, priestess of Satet, (female) viceroy of Kush, overseer of the Southern Lands' Neskhons. The stela dates to the 21st Dynasty. Many women hold important administrative positions at that time (Török 1997: 108-109)
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