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Third Intermediate Period art: stelae

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Stela of Neskhons (from the royal cache in Thebes ?)
Stela of the doorkeeper of the domain of Amun, Ihfy-khered
Stela, inscription not legible (from Abydos?).
UC 14226
UC 14695
UC 14774
on the person of Neskhons: Török 1997: 108-109
Stewart 1983: 6, no. 10, pl. 8

Stela of 25/26th Dynasty (?)

Two stelae assigned by Munro 1973: 289 to Abydos.

Stela of Nespemu
Stela of Amenirdis (?)
UC 14497
UC 14590
Stewart 1983: 5, no. 9
Stewart 1983: no. 11

Further reading:

Munro 1973 (on the stelae of the Late Period; the stelae are arranged according to origin and often divided in further groups; the datings are very much disputed)


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