Centre for Molecular Medicine


Centre for Molecular Medicine


Head of the Centre

Prof. A.W. (Tony) Segal, FRS.

One of the foremost immunologists and gastroenterology researchers in the world, Professor Anthony (Tony) Segal is the Charles Dent Professor of Medicine at the UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences, # 1 in London for Medicine and # 7 in the world as a Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Professor Segal is an expert in the field of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease, having discovered the cause of Crohn’s disease and performed fundamental research into ulcerative colitis. He is also the leading expert on innate immunity and the mechanisms by which white blood cells kill microbes.

Professor Segal has three doctorates, in Science (London), Philosophy (London), and Medicine (Cape Town).

He has over 230 peer reviewed publications, many of them in Nature (7), Science (2), the Lancet (10), New England Journal of Medicine and many other top ranking journals. He has been cited over 18,000 times with an outstanding H index of 71.

Apart for being an outstanding clinician/scientist he is an expert biochemist, molecular biologist and geneticist.

The objective of the Centre for Molecular Medicine is to identify, study and understand the functions of molecules and biological processes involved in the development of diseases with particular reference to the innate immune system.

Currently they are focused upon the causes of Crohn's disease, which they have shown to result from immunodeficiency, and ulcerative colitis. They investigate sporadic cases as well as the genetics of families with these conditions.

They are also researching the mechanisms by which neutrophils, the most numerous of the white blood cells, and monocytes and macrophages, kill and digest microbes.