Medical Education


MD thesis

Cite as: McManus, I. C. (1985). Medical students: Origins, selection, attitudes and culture (unpublished MD thesis, University of London).

MD thesis

Although this thesis was produced using the word processing program of a mainframe computer (a Vax), no proper electronically readable copy is now available. The thesis has therefore been scanned in from a decent quality typescript (produced on a daisy-wheel electric typewriter) and therefore the PDF files are very large and are not searchable electronically.

The thesis can be downloaded in its entirety here (12.6 MB, .pdf) or as individual chapters below.

For those who wish to search the thesis electronically the original files have also been scanned using an OCR program, and can be used for searching. However it should be remembered that the version is not necessarily accurate, and therefore should be checked against the scanned images of each chapter. The searchable OCR version of the entire thesis as a PDF file (4.8 MB) can be accessed by clicking here.


Title page, Introductory material, etc. (302 kB, .pdf)
Chapter 1: Ethics, practice and training (1.99 MB, .pdf)


Part I: Origins and selection

Chapter 2: Selection in one medical school (862 kB, .pdf)
Chapter 3: Bias in selection (1.14 MB, .pdf)
 Chapter 4: Short-listing for interview (796 kB, .pdf)
 Chapter 5: Interviews (723 kB, .pdf)
 Chapter 6: Interests, attitudes and career preferences (548 kB, .pdf)
 Chapter 7: Applicants' perceptions and proposals for change (652 kB, .pdf)
Part II: Attitudes and culture
  Chapter 8: The ethical attitudes of medical students: Measurement (841 kB, .pdf)
  Chapter 9: The ethical attitudes of medical students: Correlates and changes (492 kB, .pdf)
 Chapter 10: The culture of medical students: Measurement (672 kB, .pdf)
 Chapter 11: The culture of medical students: Correlates and changes (571 kB, .pdf)
Chapter 12: Religio Medici: a study of medical students (602 kB, .pdf)
 Chapter 13: Religion, culture and attitudes: Correlations and causation (1.16 MB, .pdf)
Chapter 14:  Retrospect and prospect (302 kB, .pdf)
References and final material (908 kB, .pdf)