Medical Education


UCMSM applicant studies

In the autumn of 1989 and 1991 we gave a questionnaire to all candidates being interviewed at UCMSM  (University College and Middlesex School of Medicine) for admission in 1990 and 1992. (The 1990 applicants for admission in 1991 were not included as they were part of the 1991 cohort study).  The main interest of this study, which was carried out in collaboration with Dr Frances Lefford and Professor Adrian Furnham,  was in the ways that personality and other measures of individual differences related to preference for careers in particular medical specialities. The questionnaire consisted of 16 A4 sides on eight stapled sheets.

A paper describing the main results of the study has been published. 

In 2009 a questionnaire (pdf 59kb) was sent to all doctors registered with the General Medical Council and others for whom addresses were available. The survey consisted of four A4 pages, with a range of measures, some of which have been used in previous surveys. The survey which took place from March to December 2009 was part of a broader one sent to a number of different cohorts that we have studied.

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