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Materials and structures underpin engineering: we use them to make everything from buildings to medical implants, from phones to airplanes, from clothing to ice cream.  Our group is dedicated to the understanding and development of new materials and structures, as well as sustainable methods of manufacture. We design and characterize the performance of these materials systems at different scales using a range of techniques from synchrotron X-rays to mechanical testing, from analytical modelling to AI methods, from prototyping to full scale implementation. We have strong industrial collaborations as well as strengths in cross disciplinary topics such as Materials and Manufacturing for Healthcare, Additive Manufacturing, Food, and Plastic Waste.
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Mark Miodownik
Mark Miodownik 
Chair of Materials, Structures, and Manufacturing Research

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Professor Mark Miodownik talks about the plastic waste crisis and the UCL Designing-out Plastic Waste project, which aims to look at new and innovative methods to recycle plastics.