Mechanical Engineering


Opportunities and Support for Undergraduates

If you study Mechanical Engineering at UCL, there are plenty of opportunities to help you enhance your experience, and lots of support available to ensure you get the most out of your studies.

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Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline which can lead you to pursue many different career paths. The problem-solving, analytical skills you develop at UCL Mechanical Engineering, alongside your understanding of economics, accounting and business, will make you an attractive candidate for employers in many fields. As a Mechanical Engineering student, you will be able to access support from the Faculty of Engineering’s dedicated careers service.

UCL Engineering Careers Support 

UCL Engineering Careers offer one-to-one coaching and guidance throughout your time at UCL and for three years following your graduation. They can work with you in a number of ways, including:

  • How to research different jobs, industries and further study opportunities
  • Supporting you as you weigh up options, helping you come to decisions
  • Reviewing your CVs, cover letters and applications
  • Helping you prepare for interviews

They also run regular events throughout the academic year and work to ensure that your event experience matches current market and industry trends. 

Find out more about UCL Engineering Careers

Year in Industry 

You may choose to take a year working in industry between the second and third years of your BEng degree programme or between the third and the fourth years of your MEng degree programme. This can help you gain insight into industry and develop your professional skills. 

Before undertaking a Year in Industry, you will need approval from the department. Following your Year in Industry, you will be required to write a comprehensive report on your work and what you learn during the year. Students looking to undertake a Year in Industry will be supported by the department throughout the process.  

UCL Go Abroad

As a MEng undergraduate student, you can to apply to study abroad during your third year. Studying abroad offers exposure to a different cultural and academic environment, and can be both challenging and rewarding.

Why Study Abroad?

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Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to:
•    Expose yourself to a different cultural and academic environment
•    Improve your self-confidence and gain a variety of transferable skills highly regarded by employers
•    Improve your language skills

Find out more on the UCL Go Abroad website 

Student Societies

At UCL, there are over 250 student societies, providing a range of extra-curricular activities for students to get involved with. If you study Mechanical Engineering, you can be part of a number of specific engineering societies to get to know your peers and gain professional knowledge at society industry events.

The Engineering societies at UCL include: