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Thin Films on Glass

Research from Prof. Parkin has been focused on the preparation and characterisation of inorganic materials by solid-state methods and atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition. His group has built and developed six innovative APCVD reactors in conjunction with Pilkington Glass for the deposition of coatings. These reactors incorporate variously liquid injection, aerosol and thermal CVD systems. Most rigs have been designed to incorporate multiple reaction components. This has led to work on metal oxy-nitride and oxide coatings. Prof. Parkin's group has a great deal of experience in the synthesis and characterisation of thin coatings prepared by APCVD and has active programmes in the synthesis of solar-control (TiN, VON), hard (MP), thermochromic (VO2) and photoactive (Titania) coatings. Prof. Parkin played a leading role in the EPSRC sponsored CVD network and coordinates the section on CVD thin film processes - this included organising a one day symposia at UCL in 2004. Professor Parkin and Sheel have collaborated on thermochromic coatings for the last three years on an EPSRC funded project. This work has had widespread attention and has been featured recently in over 100 newspaper and science magazines, including: The Telegraph; Guardian; Washington Times; Nature; Scientific American… as well as the BBC world Service, Satellite News and Associated Broadcast International.

Prof. I. P. Parkin was appointed as a Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at University College London in 1993, he was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1997, Reader in 1999 and a chair in October 2000. The research group of Prof. Parkin currently consists of 4 Ph.D. students and two PDRA supported by The Royal Society, EPSRC, EU, and Pilkington Glass. He has industrial collaborations with Pilkington Glass (4 CASE awards, equipment), BP chemicals (catalysts testing), and Multi Arc UK (testing). Prof. Parkin has over 220 research publications in international journals and 6 contributions to books. He has given in excess of 100 conference presentations and invited talks. In 2004 he gave a plenary lecture at the ACS symposia on electronic materials and lectures at IUPUI, Purdue and Ohio State Universities. In 2005 he gave plenary lectures in France (CNRS), Russia (Russian academy of sciences) and the UK (Irving review lecture). Prof. Parkin was awarded the Beilby medal for 2004 from RSC/SCI/IOM-3 for "Outstanding contributions to the synthesis of materials". He has recently been elected as a fellow of the royal society of chemistry(2003) and a fellow of the institute of materials metallurgy and mining (2005).

Selected publications for I. P. Parkin

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