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A large interdisciplinary effort to study and develop new catalytic materials and processes is underway between UCL Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the DFRL/RI and Birkbeck IMG. Both interdisciplinary experimental and computational studies are being conducted within the MCC. Heterogeneous catalysis leads to several of the world-wide leading industrial efforts in chemical processing. It forms the basis for the modern textiles and plastics industries, and for hydrocarbon-based fuel economies. Work by research groups at UCL, Birkbeck IMG, and the DFRL has been responsible for major advances in the catalysis field, including

• synthesis and design of several new catalysts and prediction/understanding of the catalytic pathways;
• development of in situ techniques to study catalyst formation/function using synchrotron-, neutron- or laboratory-based spectroscopy and diffraction techniques;
• these experimental approaches and achievements are combined with advanced computational chemistry and modelling, that is used to predict and synthesise new catalysts and develop or optimise new processing methods.

Joint-use space for the interdisciplinary experimental programmes is now provided within the renovated MCC facilities. Scientists from Birkbeck IMG and DFRL have pioneered methods using synchrotron radiation to study the function of catalytic materials in situ under operating conditions. UCL Chemical Engineering researchers have developed micro-reactors to follow important catalytic reactions and processes in situ under laboratory conditions. These teams are now working together within the MCC.


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